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We recruit all levels and classes at all times.

Welcome to all new and old members.  First things first if you are new to this guild then please read through the documents under the Information section above for guild policies.  This guild should be all about helping each other out and having fun above all else.  I would like each of you to be an example for others.  I am currently looking for people to manage our raids as well as a possible event planner to help out with that. 

We also do not have a vent server.  I would like to be able to provide these things myself but quite frankly I can’t afford to on my own.  I have included below a list of prices for different sized vents as well as the upgrade to the site to give everyone an idea of how much money is involved with these two items.    


                10 man- $4.30                                                             

                25 man- $10.30

                35 man- $13.50

                50 man- $18.50

                100 man- $32.00


If anyone would like to donate money to help provide these services to the guild it would be greatly appreciated.  ALL money donated will be used toward this guild and getting the services that we need.  The first priority is getting a Vent server to help with the raids.  The donate tab is located on the right side of the homepage.  Thank you in advance if you decide to donate any funds. If you have any further questions about any of this then please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

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